A woman from London recalls her experiences with street harassment, and as usual, a flood of comments from women who can relate pour out. 

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From the great organization Stop Street Harassment, one woman’s tale of realizing that street harassment is not okay. Ever.

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Breaking it down for those who still aren’t understanding. 

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Text from the article:


A documentary film about men harassing women on the streets of Brussels has provoked a heated debate in the country, with some calling an aspiring female director racist.

Final year film student Sofie Peeters has created ‘Women in the Streets’ to highlight the problem of street harassment millions of women across the world face.  

Pretty Peeters filmed men with a hidden camera while walking around the Belgian capital.

She was constantly whistled and shouted at, with “B” words and phrases like “I’ll take you to hotel” the most commonly heard.

Peeters’ first-hand harassment account, Women in the Streets, screened at a local movie house, has caused a stir in the society.

Many noticed, the director chose to film her sequences in areas mostly populated by African migrants, and accused Peeters of being racist.

“It was one of my biggest fears. How to tackle this subject without making the film racist? But this is the reality: when you’re walking around Brussels, in 9 cases out of 10 these insults come from a foreigner. But these people are characteristic of the entire Magrib community,” Peeters told Flemish TV Channel, VRT.  

A new law is due to come to force this fall in Belgium which will fight street harassment. Victims of leering, honking or whistling and sexual harassment, will have to report a violation so the police can investigate.



A post in honor of all women Olympians!

The Olympics are here, and you know what that means. Tons of men oogling women who play certain sports, yet criticizing and disparaging women who participate in other sports. My male friends are no exception to the rule, as they’re glued to the TV whenever women’s beach volleyball is on, and saying nasty remarks about women weightlifters. Here are just a few of the amazing women Olympians.

Sarah Robles, the highest ranked American weightlifter, who has had difficulty getting sponsorships that could help her improve her career. Presumably, it’s because she isn’t what society thinks a professional athlete should look like. Best of luck to you, Sarah!

Zoe Smith, a British weightlifter, who awesomely told sexist trolls that she doesn’t give a fuck if men find weightlifters attractive or not. Because there are still men who think that everything women do is to please them.

Holley Mangold, an American weightlifter who is competing for the title of the strongest woman on the planet! Her brother makes millions of dollars being a professional athlete - does she? No. 

Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle the misogyny that The Olympics brings out in men. There will always be women who can run faster, jump higher and lift more weight than you. Calling them ugly, manly, unnatural or not real women not only shows what a sexist jerk you are, but it doesn’t change the fact that they can still kick your ass. 

Best of luck to all the amazing women competing in London 2012!!